The Ride Photo System.

The Ride Photo System is specifically designed for high-speed rides. Possessing digital GigE camera capture, this next generation system achieves a previously unattainable quality and speed of delivery.

Ride Photo is a networked system which can adapt to any medium to high speed situation, adding multiple features while remaining fully integrated with the system software. These include:


The Ride Photo System is not just a photo selling device. It is an immensely valuable tool for generating publicity. After purchasing a photo, customers can send email postcards which include their photos as well as an inscription bearing the name of the vendor, customized by you.

Fully Integrated POS.

As an internet based system, Ride Photo keeps a detailed log of sales and other statistics. Additionally, a list of performance indicators are uploaded at regular intervals and adjustments can be made online! The result is a system always functioning at maximum efficiency.

  • O/S Windows
  • User-friendly. Operators learn to operate the system in 15 minutes or less (operator does not need computer or photographic knowledge)
  • Touch screen entry for displaying pictures
  • Prints 180 photos per hour (Picture size 4″x 6″, 6″x8′ or Keychain)
  • Digital Photo Album
  • Grabs 8 photos at the same time
  • Low maintenance
  • All equipment is controlled by the computer (camera, printers and detectors)
  • On-line service via high speed internet
  • Number of photos storage (up to 9999)
  • Password for statistics software
  • Password for setup software
  • Digital Camera GigE
  • Flashes
  • Detector
  • Control Box
  • Color printer 4″x6″ and Color printer 6″x8″
  • Receipt printer
  • Touch screen 17
  • UPS and line conditioner
  • CPU computer
  • 4 HDMI Video card
  • Hard drive 1TG SATA
  • Cash Drawing
  • Memory 8GM
  • Ethernet card 1G
  • Keyboard
  • 1 22″ wide HDMI monitor
  • 2 49″ wide HDMI monitors
  • Set of cables


Photo Keychain.

Great Souvenirs of parties, weddings, conferences and special events. If you have 100 to 500 or more guests – No problem.

Custom Magnet Photo Folder.

Promotional photo magnets are quite a clever item. Many of them serve a dual purpose. Print your logo and promotional message in the center “punch out” Then you customer has a magnet photo folder and an additional refrigerator magnet as well.

For customize folder 4″x6″with your color and logo minimum order 5000 @ $0.60 9 to 12 weeks delivery time.

Retail price $3.00 to $4.00. Or picture and magnet folder for $10.00 to $14.00. All prices are in US dollars. In addition all applicable duty and transport fees are the responsibility of the Purchaser. FOB Montréal.

Email Photo System.

The Email Photo Kiosk is a multi-media interactive kiosk. It connects to the Ride Photo System and makes it possible to send the customers' Ride Photo to any Email address. The system is automated, it does not require an employee.

Event Photo

Characteristics of the Event Photo System.

  • Windows base
  • User-friendly. Operators learn to operate the system in 30 minutes or less (operator does not need computer or photographic knowledge)
  • Camera: High resolution
  • Prints 45 photos per hour ( Picture size 8″x 10″)
  • Printer:
    • Low maintenance
    • On-line service via high speed internet

The Software.

  • 3db PartyPrinter software Version 2017
  • Microsoft Windows

The Hardware.

  • 1 Digital Camera Canon Rebel T6i with WIFI
  • 1 Camera tripod
  • 1 Flash
  • 1 Flash tripod
  • 1 Softbox
  • 1 FlashTransceiver Radio Transmitter
  • 1 Wifi Network Hub
  • 1 Color Printer 8″x10″
  • 2 19″ LCD monitor
  • Action Photo Server
    • computer board
    • Memory 8GB
    • 2 SVGA HDMI Video Graphic Card
    • Ethernet card 1G Base-T
    • Hard drive 1TG SATA 100 7200rpm
  • 1 Keyboard
  • 1 Mouse
  • 1 Set of cables
  • 1 Road case
Trade Shows
Night Clubs
Bar Mitzvahs
Corporate Events
and many more.

multi-media interactive kiosk

Party Printer

The Party Printer Kiosk has been designed for use by roving photographers in nightclubs, theme parks, restaurants, corporate events, cruise-ships, in fact any social occasion that demands a Gate Photo Service.

Your photo souvenir is customized with your logo, frame, text, date and printed in less then 1 minute.


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