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The Party Printer Kiosk has been designed for use by roving photographers in nightclubs, theme parks, restaurants, corporate events, cruise-ships, in fact any social occasion that demands a Gate Photo Service.

Using a wi-fi enabled camera such as the Nikon D200, the event photographer can now shoot un-tethered away from the sales area. Images are transferred immediately when the camera is brought within range of the kiosk wi-fi signal, usually about 30metres.

Using the optional belt-mounted printer, a unique barcode ticket is produced for the customer at the time of being photographed.

The customers can preview all the images on the kiosk's impressive 19" touchscreen or they can scan their unique barcode ticket using the Kiosk's scanner whereupon their image is displayed with a pre-defined border overlay.

Customers are given the opportunity to edit their image & add personalised text before selecting how many prints they would like. The screen then prompts for payment via the kiosk's coin validator and/or bill acceptor. Photographs are printed via the kiosk's internal dye-sublimation printer and dispensed dry within seconds.

This whole process from viewing the image to taking the print home works fast, without waste and does not require staffing. Replenishing the printer with paper & ink is a simple process and can be done by any of your staff as the cash boxes are locked internally & can only be opened by the owner's cash box key.

The kiosk is equipped with dual-display features. An optional external secondary monitor will run a slideshow of all the images taken at the event. Advertising messages can be incorporated within the slideshow to promote the venue or photographer's sponsors.

Sales Reports can be accessed using the onscreen keyboard via a password to monitor sales for any requested period.

The Party Printer Kiosk setup icon enables the operator to easily set print prices, define logos/borders to be overlaid over all the images, automatically add the date to each image, change the onscreen language, sideshow interval duration and many other great features.

With only a small footprint of 605mm w x 605mm d x 1425mm h, the Party Printer Kiosk is compact enough to fit in the rear of an estate car and is unobtrusive in any event venue. Its slick ergonomic eye-catching design helps to create the perfect image for the perfect image on-screen.

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